Schooling Ground

Lisaleen possesses outstanding schooling facilities ranging from fully specified racecourse standard hurdles and fences to an indoor schooling arena.

The horses start to jump in an indoor school loose schooling, that is without a rider over smaller obstacles such as logs, barrels, and baby hurdles – the different types of obstacles will keep the horses interested and willing to learn.

When the horse is ready, a rider is put on board to jump the same obstacles and when he is fluent then the racecourse standard hurdles are used.There is a line of 5 hurdles that run parallel to the woodchip gallop and more on turf. Some horses will be schooled over fences but only when they are ready and if they will be chasing.

The fences and hurdles have an innovative surface of sand, cotton and rubber mixed in together to achieve a surface that is non slip, cushioned, so as not to jar their joints, and the horse does not go deep into the sand but stays on the top of the surface. This is a new product and has worked successfully.

The horses are given extensive sessions of schooling practice, and this groundwork is vital in making sure they are ready to tackle the real hurdles and fences before getting to the racecourse. Jumping is the name of the game and only if a horse jumps faultlessly will he win the top jump races.

Horses are schooled over the easyfix hurdles and fences which are now being used in racecourses throughout Ireland.