Horse Walkers & Paddocks

Horse Walkers

The two horse walkers are an essential part of the exercise facilities at Lisaleen Stables. We use them prior to training sessions to make sure the horses are sufficiently warmed up and post training to help them cool down more slowly, to reduce muscle stiffness.

The horse walker is particularly good for rehabilitation purposes. Horses recovering from injury can be exercised in a controlled manner without over exerting themselves and risking further injury.  Regular use of the horse walker increases fitness and muscle development and also ensures good blood circulation, which assists healing.

Our horse walkers are covered so horses can be exercised whilst being protected from the elements. This enables the horses to maintain a good level of fitness all year round.


We have numerous post and railed grass paddocks where horses are turned out regularly to unwind. Whether it’s for a short period after a session on the gallops or on rest days, being able to relax and enjoy time in the field is important for the horse’s wellbeing.

Access to fresh grass is beneficial to the horse’s health and the change of scenery alleviates boredom. At Lisaleen Stables the horses are turned out together, letting them socialise, express their natural behaviour and stretch their legs.