Owning your own Racehorse

The growing popularity of syndicates and racing clubs reflects the transformation of racehorse ownership from being the sole preserve of the elite classes to an area in which people from all walks of life can become involved.

Syndicates are the fastest growing type of ownership in Ireland and are an ideal introduction as the cost is shared making it more affordable and the social aspect can be very pleasurable.

A syndicate can have up to twenty members, one of which is appointed to act as the agent and is responsible for all correspondence with Horse Racing Ireland. Although each member does not have to register as an individual owner, they must sign the syndicate registration form.

The horse will run in the name of the syndicate and their registered colours. As well as minimising the costs by purchasing a horse as part of a group, little can match the feeling of celebrating in the winners’ enclosure with your friends after your horse has come home in front.